The Instant Pot Recipes That’ll Win The Super Bowl

The ideal football foods are cheesier and richer than anything you’d dare ingest on a sensible day. But more importantly, they should be bite-sized to create the illusion that you’re eating moderately as you place them on your plate a few at a time. No one needs to know you’ve refilled your plate 14 times over the course of the three-hour game.

Luckily, the Instant Pot is perfect for making Super Bowl recipes that fit the bill, from melty cheese dips to miniature meatballs and platters of pulled pork-topped nachos.

Since the Instant Pot serves many functions ― particularly slow cooker, pressure cooker and warmer ― we’re featuring recipes that use all three of those techniques. Take your pick from the 42 recipes below, and bask in the satisfaction of knowing there’s at least one thing on earth you can have that Tom Brady can’t ― pretty much all the foods below.


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