Searches for leprechaun porn increase 8,000 percent on St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which means green beer, drunken brawls, and, of course, the traditional viewing of leprechaun porn.

Pornhub predicts that searches for leprechaun porn will increase some 8,000 percent, based on last years numbers. In fact, there’s a whole slew of St. Patty’s-related search terms that promise to skyrocket over the holiday.

It may not be surprising that misspellings also increase on this occasion as more and more horny people attempt to drunkenly type with one hand.

Pornhub, if you didnt know, provides a page called “Pornhub Insights” that offers a dizzying array of statistical information about people who… enjoytheir site. They even posted a survey asking who people would be voting for in the next presidential election. It turns that if porn viewers had their way, Bernie Sanders would be the next commander-in-chief, barely edging out the second most popular choice, “nobody.”

It’s important to remember that while 8,000 percent sounds like a huge increase, there probably aren’t millions of people pleasuring themselves to leprechaun lovemaking today. If, for instance, there are only five people searching for leprechaun videos on an average day, an 8,000 percent spike would only bump that number up to 400. Pretty puny when compared to terms like “lesbian” and “teen,” Pornhub’s top two searches from last year.

Those hoping to throw a leprechaun porn viewing party (meaning humans watching leprechaun-themed porn, not a bunch of leprechauns getting together to watch porn, which admittedly sounds amazing) are going to be a little disappointed. Pornhub only offers 9 videos in that category, 7 of which are just clips from the Leprechaun film series, not even including the first one, with Jennifer Aniston.

If you really need some St. Patty’s Day action, your best bet might just be to go out to the pubs with a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt, have a few pints of Guinness, and hope for the best. You never knowyou might just get lucky.

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So, Do You Actually Have To Worry About Drinking From Your Copper Moscow Mule Mug?

A fancy cup always manages to elevate a drinking experience and make it a billion times more enjoyable. That’s basically been scientifically proven at this point, right? Well, maybe not quite. People are starting to question whether copper mugs are safe to drink from, as some speculate the metal may be too poisonous for humans to ingest in any capacity.

Copper mugs are often used when you order a Moscow mule at the bar, which is an alcoholic beverage made with lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer. Though the copper mugs certainly add afun sort of novelty to ordering this drink, a recent warning from the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division prohibits copper from coming into direct contact with foods or drinks that have a pH level below 6.0 and Moscow mules do, kind of.

According to the warning, a Moscow mulecan purportedly corrode the copper interior, causing itto be leached into the food, and when someone ingests the mixture of the metal with the beverage, it may cause some nastysymptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Of course, this is assuming that the drink’s overall pH level is too acidic. According to the Huffington Post, lime juice has a pH level of roughly 2.0 to 2.4, vodka’s pH level is usually between 6.0 and 7.0, and the pH level of ginger beer is usually below six. Then, when testing the pH level of the cocktail when all of the ingredients were put together, the Huffington Post reported the number was below six meaning it is, indeed, corrosive when it comes into contact with copper.

However, a chemist has come forward to say we all may be freaking out a little too much over our precious copper mugs and Moscow mules.

Trisha Andrew, an assistant professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMass Amherst, told the Huffington Post that the concerns amount to nothing more than fear-mongering.

Andrew explained that when any kind of liquid comes in contact with a surface, there is alwaysthe possibility that the container may dissolve slightly into the beverage. Glass, she noted as an example, dissolves so slowly, it wouldn’t ever occur in a human lifetime.

And yes, while that dissolution process happen a little faster with copper, Andrew insisted it’s not that fast. In fact, she called the idea of being afraid to drinkfrom a copper mugnonsensical.

In response to the Moscow mule’s too-acidic pH levels, she explained,

You have to let the copper mug sit in straight lime juice for a few hours before you can even start to begin to worry about [copper poisoning].

While research has shown that 30 mg of copper can cause nausea in those who ingest it, it apparently takes quite a lot of Moscow mules and those mules need to have been sitting around untouched for to reach that 30-mg limit.

Plus, it’s worth noting that we actually need a small amount of copper for our bodily functions, as it helps make red blood cells and keeps your nerves healthy.

So, in the end, drinking out of a copper mug is totally your call. It’s not going to kill you, but I understand if a different fancy mug would put your mind at ease.


Geraldo vouches for US general accused of plotting failed Turkish coup | Fox News

The retired U.S. Army general and former NATO commander accused of masterminding the recent failed coup in Turkey has an alibi — he was having a beer with Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera.

Yeni Safak, a Turkish tabloid known as friendly to the increasingly authoritarian regime in Ankara, hit newsstands Monday with a front-page blaring in Turkish This man led the coup, alongside a picture of U.S. Army Gen. J.F. Campbell.

It was news to Campbell, who retired in May after a distinguished, 37-year career that saw him most recently serve in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Campbell served as commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force from August 2014 to earlier this year.

“I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. since I came back from Afghanistan in March,” Campbell told “I have no idea why they picked me for this headline.

“In fact, on the day of the coup I think I was in New York City  with Geraldo having a beer,” he added.

The newsman corroborated the general’s claim.

“I absolutely vouch for General Campbell,” Rivera said. “The only thing we were overthrowing were a series of Stella Artois [beers].”

As bizarre as the claim may be, some experts said the accusation ratchets up tensions with the U.S. in a way that could put Americans at risk. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has used the coup to justify a massive crackdown on opposition, is playing a dangerous game by pointing the finger at the U.S.

This is absolutely nuts, said Fox News contributor and former Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. Erdogan’s cynical, though, and often plays the nationalist card. There’s no easier target than the Americans.

The State Department referred requests for comment to Campbell, who said no one from the U.S. government has contacted him about the matter.

This anti-American rhetoric reminds [me of] the ’79 Iranian revolution and what happened afterward. It is a very dangerous approach, Ahmet Yayla, former chief of counter-terrorism for the Turkish National Police and a member of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, tweeted Monday.

Yayla said the irresponsible charge is part of Turkeys self-isolation from the West in the wake of the coup attempt.

Erdogan has declared a three-month state of emergency after the failed coup and detained as many as 50,000 academics, judges, soldiers and civil servants. He has seized control of thousands of public and private institutions, rooting out all of those he suspects of sympathizing with his arch-enemy, U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The U.S. response to the crackdown has been muted, and Secretary of State John Kerry is considering Turkeys demand that Gulen, who lives in a compound in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, be turned over. NATO and European leaders have expressed alarm at the breadth and rapidity of the crackdown, which critics fear is  an effort by Erdogan, to cement his hold on power and move the constitutionally secular nation toward an Islamist government.

Still, rumors and accusations of U.S. involvement in the coup attempt have been circulating for more than a week. Several of the fighter planes involved in bombing government facilities took off from the jointly operated Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey, from which the U.S. conducts air strikes against the Islamic State.

President Obama told Erdogan in a telephone conversation last week that reports the U.S. was involved in the coup were unequivocally false. Obama also said he hoped there is not an overreaction that could, in some fashion, lead to curtailment of civil liberties, according to a spokesman.

Gulen, once a political ally of Erdogan, has a large following embedded throughout Turkish society and Erdogan believes he played a leading role in the coup. Gulen runs a global network of Islamist schools and charities. The United States says it will only extradite Gulen to Turkey if it receives strong evidence that he was involved in the coup.

Campbell said he has never met Gulen.


He Takes An Old Pile Of Jenga Blocks And Turns Them Into The PERFECT Drinking Game

Beer pong and flip cup? Yawn, been there, played that. Here’s a game that’s sure to add laughs and joy to your next get-together.

So of you want to surprise your guests at your next party or get together with a fun game with a new twist you’ll want to break out Jenga. The classic game of Jenga requires a sharp eye and steady hand, cautiously removing blocks and preventing the stacked blocks from coming crashing down. To spice things up, each game piece will contain a truth or dare challenge to make things more interesting.

Adding a spin to this game is fast and best of all free. And it doesn’t alter the classic game in any way if you choose to play it that way. It’s a win-win. All you have to do is find your old write a truth or dare question on each piece of your Jenga set. Then assemble the tower, pour some drinks and you’re ready to have a smashing good time with friends and family.

How to play truth or dare Jenga:

Each person takes a turn to select a block. Once they choose their block, they must read their truth or dare challenge out loud. Then the person must perform the challenge before stacking it on top of the tower. If however they choose not to perform the challenge… then it’s time for them to drink up!

The game ends once someone knocks over the tower! You can get as creative and daring as you want, the more daring the more fun (drunk)! J-j-j-jenga!


These 5 Things Will Make Sure Your Stress-Free Vacay Starts At The Airport

I’m a travel blogger, so flying is part of my job. Unfortunately, I also have travel anxiety. My anxiety began less than two years ago after I fainted on a flight from Rome to New York.

Since then, I get at least a pinch of anxiety before every trip, and occasionally a full-fledged attack (throwback to the timeI went to North Korea).

Until recently, I had no idea how common travel anxiety actually is. Although I don’t have a magic potion to melt it all away forever, there are a few things I do to help ease it down a bit.

Here are five helpful tips to make sure your travel anxiety doesn’t get the best of you:

1. Hydrate.

If you’re one of those people who consumes a ton of water, go ahead and skip down to the next step. For the rest of you: Drink water.

Truth: Most days I drink between 0 to4 ounces of water (why drink water when you could have a beer, I say!) But when I travel, I drink a whopping 8 to 16 ounces (don’t judge, it’s the best I can do) and keep my coffee intake to below three cups.

I consciously down water the day of travel to prepare my body and to get it as healthy, strong and well-functioning as possible. I’ve made this a habit because I know I may experience stress when I get to the airport or board the plane, and I want to be able to handle that stress, acknowledge it and dance with it without shutting down.

2. Get to the airport early.

I know this seems counterintuitive to a lot of people. Airports are stuffy, loud and hectic. Why would anyone spend more time there than absolutely necessary?

Well, when you get to the airport early, you have ample time to go through security. Security in the US is SUCH a downer, and many times you turn the corner just to findthe line is a 30-60 minute wait.

When you give yourself plenty of time, you won’t have a conniption at the sight ofthat monstrosity.You won’t be concerned with missing your flight, and you won’t have as much anxiety as the unprepared buddybehind you. While he panics about forgetting his passport, you can pull out your phone, take a selfie and call your mom. Look at how productive you are!

Once through security, you have time to get a bottle of water. People who get to the airport last minute and get held up in the security line have to sprint to their gate, barely making it before the staff closes the door. And then, those people have to wait an hour for beverage service. Sucks to be them. Don’t be that person.

When you get to the airport early, you have time to find healthy-ish food and a corner away from the busy gates with an open outlet. Once you have food, wateranda tranquil space, you can work productively for an hour or two. And you were as cool as a cucumber the whole damn time.

3. Meditate.

I have had a consistent meditation practice for a few years now. I find that meditating grounds me, puts me at ease andmakes me feel good in general.

If you, too, have already built a practice, I highly recommend meditating before boarding. If you don’t have a meditation practice just yet, I don’t recommend having your first go at the airport. Some people find that meditation (especially at the beginning) makes them feel more anxious, so just be aware of that.

Slow breathing when I’m already off-balance actually makes me more of a wreck. I prefer to do Kundalini Breath Of Fire, where you focus on pulling in your navel, while sharply exhaling through your nose (the inhale happens automatically).

Do you look (and sound) nuts? Totally. But it’s the cheapest high in New York City, and a great option for the broke and anxious flyer.

4. Prepare entertainment.

I don’t read on planes because I get motion sickness. And I don’t often get down with in-flight entertainment because I will never get those two hours I spent watching “The Time Traveler’s Wife” back.

Podcasts are my go-to. Some of my favorites are “The Moth,” “This American Life,” “Savage Lovecast,” “2 Dope Queens,” “The Champs,” “Criminal”and “Strangers.”

Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to these podcasts, and other times I simultaneously work on an adult coloring book. There’s a reason these coloring books are all the rage right now. They focus your mind on something other than your problems, they allow you to express your creativity and they take up a lot of time.

However, ifI’m not feeling great, whether it be due to anxiety, nausea or exhaustion, I listen to a playlist I put together to calm me down. Most of the music is a combination of lafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

5. Bring doctor-prescribed anxiety medication.

Anxiety is an overwhelming medical condition, and sometimes we need to seek out help from a medical professional. Is doctor-prescribed medication for everyone? Absolutely not. But it is an option that helps a lot of people.

For me, medication is used as a last resort. Even when I’m hydrated, have meditated and have listened to my relaxing music, I need to take an anti-anxiety medication that was prescribed to me by my doctor. When I have had anxiety attacks on flights, I landed atmy destination with the mentality that I was a victim.

I didn’t see all the beauty of the country; I didn’t engage my senses. I saw what could hurt me or make me uncomfortable. I was emotionally off-balance, and it would take a day or two to recover back to my bubbly, optimistic self.

I never want to be the victim. So, if my body needs it, I do what I need to do to allow myself a peaceful rest during my flight and to land atmy destination with an open mind and full heart.

I understand how anxiety can prevent someone from traveling as much as they would like to, but I hope some of these tips can be utilized to make traveling a bit more bearable.