Pirates fan tries to catch foul ball while holding food, fails miserably

This is nacho ordinary foul ball.

A dedicated but hungry Pittsburgh Pirates fan who attempted to catch a foul ball during their game at PNC Park against the San Diego Padres wound up catching a face full of nachos, instead.

It appears as though the fan was so captivated by the idea of catching a foul ball hit by Pirates player, Jung Ho Kang, that he forgot he was already holding a beer and a plate of nachos.

Pirates announcers, Greg Brown and Bob Walk, eloquently described the catastrophic scene which played out as, “Nachos. Face full of nachos, cheese and salsa. Beer went flying. That is a classic.”

Luckily, the graceful display of true American spirit was captured on camera and replayed in slow motion for all to enjoy.

After the nacho man recovered from his legendary attempt at partaking in sports, he was given a free clean T-shirt to change into, a baseball and a new plate of nachos.

The official Pirates Twitter account shared a photo of the man captioned, “We got you dude. Good effort.”

To watch the live footage of the event check out the video below, and please, remember to handle your nachos with care.

Your browser does not support iframes.

source http://allofbeer.com/pirates-fan-tries-to-catch-foul-ball-while-holding-food-fails-miserably/
Source: http://allofbeer.blogspot.com/2018/04/pirates-fan-tries-to-catch-foul-ball.html

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