Sleep Texting Is Now A Thing And It Could Get Seriously Weird

Just imagine. You fall asleep at night. Sleep soundly for a whole six hours, but then wake up to find that you’ve somehow text your Gran some jibberish, snapchatted a picture of yourself snoring, and matched with your boss on Tinder.

While this – hopefully – has never happened to you, sleep-texting is on the rise, so it’s probably only a matter of time before we’re all sleep-tindering, sleep-snapchatting and even sleep-selfie-taking as well.

The horror.


For now though, it just seems to be the texts. Writing for The Debrief, Frederica Palmer explained how – fast-asleep – she sent a Whatsapp to a friendshe wasn’t even in an open conversation with. It was 2:30 in the morning, and she asked that the girl not drill any holes in the wall.

Fair enough.

A sleep consultant explains that ‘sleep texting’ is a bit like sleep-walking. While you’re about conscious enough to text – an arguably fairly complex task – you’re not awake enough for your brain to be able to create a memory of doing so.

A bit like drunk-texting then, only without the beer, butwith all the bitter regret.

Apparently it’s stress – surprise, surprise – that causes sleep texting. We spend too long on our electronic devices during the day, and so we sub-consciously use them during the night.

While a lot of people are freaking out about the concept of sending a text while they’re asleep – (what if you inadvertently send a nude to your boss? What if you ‘sext’ your next-door neighbour? Imagine the ridicule, imagine the shame!) – we would quite like to know the type of twaddlewe’re capable of writingwhen our brains are too lazy to stop us…

Instead of ‘winding down with a book’, or ‘listening to whale noises as we fall asleep’, we’re going to stare at that little blue screen until we sleep-text something amusing, dammit.

But, obviously, if you want to be in control of your night-time behaviour, just make sure you can’t reach your phone when you go to sleep…




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