The United States of beer vs. wine

Rajesh Korde, a data tinker and software programmer who runs the blog Significant Digits, has mapped the per capita beer and wine consumption of all states using information in the Brewers almanac from the Beer Institute website. He then created a beer wine index by dividing the wine consumption rate by the beer consumption rate. The purple areas in the map above consume a greater proportion of wine, while the yellow areas prefer beer.

According to Korde, Washington, D.C., is the nations wine capital, with a wine consumption that is 2.85 times the national average. New Hampshire tops the beer charts, consuming 1.57 times the national average of beer. Its also the booziest state overall, with the second-highest wine consumption in the nation. The least boozy state is, of course, Utah, which drinks only about two-thirds as much beer as the national average and one-third as much wine.

Thanks to Korde for letting us republish the map.


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