He Took Apart Old Skis And Transformed Them Into This Backyard Must-Have

Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to relax during the summer months?

When it comes to summertime, relaxation is usually the last thing on my mind. The unbearable heat makes it nearly impossible to get comfortable enough to even toy with the idea of taking an afternoon siesta.

In times of insufferable heat, try imagining that you’re in a much colder place. Apparently, just thinking about being in a cooler climate can trick your brain into believing that you’re not melting. I’ve never had the mental stamina to get this to actually work, but I think Redditor yourheynis is on the right track.

He collected some skis and repurposed them into an awesome, summer-ready porch swing that will transport you to wherever your imagination would like to go.

Redditor yourheynis began his porch swing by collecting used pairs of skis that he found at thrift stores and yard sales.

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Using a variety of techniques, he removed the bindings from all of the skis.

He then laid them out until he had the desired size and pattern he wanted for his swing.

Even though he’d never created something like this before, he managed to build a sturdy frame.

With his angle cutter in hand, he removed 20 inches from each ski to create a uniform edge.

He then assembled and attached the skis to the seat.

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Next he measured and cut the skis again to create the back portion of the swing.

With a beer at the ready, he sanded down the metal edges. Safety first!

Two coats of gloss later, the skis looked brand new!

Our builder went through quite a few drill bits, but countersink holes were eventually added.

He then used two-by-six boards to serve as back supports for the frame.

Next up was hardware.

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Using scrap pieces, he created arm rests.

He found time for another beer before attaching brackets to the arms for extra support.

He then screwed the arms down.

After that, the holes for each chain were added.

Our builder cut off and sanded down the exposed screws to ensure that no one would get hurt.

Using a 20-foot chain, he created a loop and hung it from the underside of his deck.

The swing and chain then became one.

After attaching everything and making sure it was stable, the swing was ready to help this do-it-yourselfer and his friends get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Who knew summer and winter could collide in such an awesome way? If you need me, I’ll be busting out my old skis.

source http://allofbeer.com/he-took-apart-old-skis-and-transformed-them-into-this-backyard-must-have/
Source: http://allofbeer.blogspot.com/2018/02/he-took-apart-old-skis-and-transformed.html

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