Brits casually share a pint in their flooded beer garden

When you think of heroic Brits, here’s who might come to mind:

1) Winston Churchill and this speech:

2) John Lennon, who wrote this little tune that everybody wants to cover when bad news emerges.

3) Florence Nightingale, who helped revolutionize modern nursing and apparently (unbeknownst to me until 10 seconds ago) was British and not American.

4) And this enterprising soul.

Now we can add a fifth rung to the hero ladder, thanks to a little bit of running water and a couple of Englishmen who just wanted something cold to chill their bellies.

The problems began when heavy rains in Yorkshire caused the River Aire to flood, pissing off the owners and patrons of the Kirkstall Bridge Innwho, ahem, might’ve already been pissed to begin with.

Even though a wetsuit would have been considered appropriate cocktail attire on this day, John Kelly and Steve Holtwho, according to BuzzFeed, run the Kirkstall Brewery, which owns the pubtook their pints out to the patio. Flooded garden or not, these mennay, these heroessat down and imbibed amidst a river that’s home to god knows what aquatic life.

Unfortunately, the fun had to end sometime, because heroes cannot be heroes forever. And when Holt’s significant other told him to get out of the water, he and his buddy left their watery table so the rest of the day’s drinking could be enjoyed in dry, warm clothes.

H/T New York Magazine | Photo via Becky Adams/Twitter


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