7 Reasons Couples Who Drink Whiskey Together, Stay Together

I had thrown a housewarming party in my new apartment. A guy friend eyed my decanter of Gentleman Jack whiskey and asked me, Who taught you how to drink?

Puzzled, I replied, My mother. Its true: My grandfather owned liquor stores, which allowed his children to cultivate expensive taste in alcohol.

My moms drink of choice? Scotch on the rocks with a twist.

Most of my girlfriends believe whiskey is one of the following adjectives: bitter, gross, rough, disgusting or manly.Well, I can say the same thing about IPA beer.

Lets be honest: Whiskey is an acquired taste.But that’s just like red wine, a fiery personality and a sassy wit. All these things also are acquired tastes.

Whiskey is not a mans drink. Its a gentlemans drink.Its bold, classy and sophisticated.

But the women who drink it are described the same way. Many guys agree its quite attractive to find a lady who enjoys whiskey.

The couples who drink whiskey together often have the same outlook and perspective on life. Theyre deep, sincere and thoughtful.

Here are seven reasons why those who drink whiskey together stay together:

1. Whiskey drinkers are simple.

Those who drink whiskey are simple.Whiskey drinkers dont need thrills or lavishness in the same way they dont need a million ingredients to make a cocktail drinkable.

Too many ingredients take away from the pure taste of the amazing alcohol. If youwant simplicity, go for these kinds of folks.

2. Whiskey drinkers are bold.

Whether its a bourbon, scotch, Canadian or American, whiskey has a bold taste.As mentioned above, whiskey drinkers like simplicity, so the true fans wont be diluting their bold alcohol with tame counterparts like sugary mixers.

The boldness of a whiskey drinker is in his or her personality. This person will always be real with you.

Whiskey drinkers dont sugarcoat their opinions. Theyll tell it like it is, whether you like it or not.

3. Whiskey drinkers are interesting.

Formulations of whiskey are different in the same way their tastes are different. Some are smooth, while some are more edgy.Some are better straight, while others need a partner.

Regardless, whiskey can come in an array oftastes, according to the type of distillery.Parallel to this, youll never have a dull conversation with a whiskey drinker.

Whiskey drinkers are knowledgeable about many things, sothey can fit into any conversation.

4. Whiskey drinkers are sophisticated.

Whiskey is an art. In the same waydrawings, paintings and sculptures all require appreciation, whiskey requires appreciation as well.

Whiskey drinkers not only enjoy these arts, they appreciate the craft behind concocting whiskey as well.

5. Whiskey drinkers are classy.

The prime adjectives used to describe a whiskey drinker? Well-mannered and well-dressed.

Whiskey uses fine ingredients, and a whiskey drinker enjoys the finer things.The polished and shiny things in life are reflective of a whiskey drinkers personality.

Need a fun date for your friends wedding or formal party? Your whiskey-drinking friend wont be an embarrassment.

6. Whiskey drinkers are confident.

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a person.Knowing how to dress, apply makeup and walk in heels like a boss are all attributes that can be taught.

But confidence is developed.Without confidence, a pretty girl is simply pretty; there isnt any spunk or edge.

Whiskey is confident. It doesnt need a delicately stemmed glass, a mixing partner or a million bar tools to make a statement.

7. Whiskey drinkers are mysterious.

In a world where oversharing is the norm, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery.Oversharing on social media or revealing everything about yourself on the first date sucks the fun out of getting to know someone.Plus, mystery keeps things interesting.

Who really wants to know the plot of the story in the first five pages? Whiskey is mysterious.

Yes, its a brown liquid — though some are clear like vodka — but it can be bitter or sweet, have hints of different ingredients or beaged for several years.The options are endless forwhiskey.

The same goes for whiskey drinkers.Who knows what they’re thinking?

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