Shower Beers Are A Thing And The Internet’s Loving It

You ever see something go viral and think to yourself “haven’t people been doing that forever? I know I have!”? Whether you were dabbing before it became a thing or doing the ice bucket challenge for fun (for some reason) before the fund raising got involved, it’s always fun (albeit somewhat annoying) to see happen.

One of my proudest moments in regards to being part of the Powell family was when, in a rush to get to a restaurant or whatever, I saw my dad go into the bathroom for a shower with a full bottle of beer and, several minutes later, come out all clean with an empty bottle and I thought to myself “this is a family I’m proud to be part of”.

But now there’s a whole reddit thread dedicated to shower beers and, from what I can tell, it’s just a load of people standing naked with a shower head in the background, “covering” their modesty with weak American beer.

Seems fun…

1. The perfect cropping. Bravo

2. Would that be allowed on TV pre-watershed?

3. So this guy’s actual username isCunnilingusPhD. Yeah.

4. You know people only put limes in Coronas to keep the flies away? Fun fact…

5. He looks so happy

6. Solid beer choice

7. Jesus…

8. He’s not new to this at all

9. Her hair’s not even wet and there’s far too much beer in that bottle. At least look like you’re trying!

10. Crafty twos-up

11. Wonder what ‘h’ stands for?

12. You really shouldn’t drink porter out of the bottle

You know, I’m in half a mind to get myself on this reddit thread but I’m really not one for getting naked on the internet to make a point.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

All images via Reddit.


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