These Are the BEST Things To Eat In Every State

If theres something that screams, Americana, its a road trip…and food. OK. Maybe its just food.

But lets pretend youre going on a road trip to all 50 states. What are the must eat foods in every state? Im glad you asked, as Business Insider went ahead and found what they determined to be the one thing you have to eat in every state (and Washington D.C.).

The criteria?

They chose the most iconic and famous dishes by taking local recommendations into consideration and picking items you simply can’t get anywhere else.

So pack your bags and your appetite!



Don’t be fooled by the name. In case you never saw Funny Farm, Rocky Mountain Oystersthe iconic food of the stateare actually bull testicles.



Yes, Spam. Make fun of it all you want, but Hawaiians were introduced to it during WWII. The Japanese in the area startedturning it into Spam musubi, a sushi roll of sorts that is made with grilled Spam, sticky rice, and nori seaweed.




It’s the Breadbasket of America, so samplethe homemade, sticky, cinnamon-crusted rolls from Strouds.



New England clam chowder, sometimes called Boston chowder, unlike its many impostors, is cream-based and full of potatoes and never, ever tomatoes.



I’m your huckleberry…pie, that is.

The berries are native to high altitudes, like the high mountains of Montana, and make the perfect filling for apie.


New Mexico

Whenchili peppers are one of thestate vegetables, it’s a given that you’re known for producing fresh, hot chili-based sauces that are poured on everything from eggs to burritos to burgers.



It’s not chicken, but chicken-fried steak is a breaded piece of thin and tenderized beefsteak that often comes with sides like fried okra and grits, and it’s a staple in Oklahoma.


South Dakota

Kuchenthe German word for “cake” and the official state dessertcomes in varieties that include pie-like pastries, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, and rolled pastries.



Virginia ham is a type of country ham a salt-cured variety of the pork product that can either be stuffed between two buttery biscuits, buttery bread, and basically anything else you want to butter or not.



When you’re inWyoming, you’re in wildlife country, which gives you plenty of opportunity toexplore the state’s array of game meats, which include tender cuts of venison, elk, and bison.

What food would you nominate your state for?


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