Galveston hero hands reporter six-pack during live Hurricane Harvey broadcast

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Posted by Galveston Island Brewing on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stegall, who said he’d save the beers for “after” covering the hurricane, later tweeted about the encounter and thanked the kind Galvestonian for her gift, even calling the moment a “good photobomb” that brought levity to a dire situation.

As for the woman, she doesn’t work for the brewery. Galveston Island Brewing marketing director Charday Van Orstrand told the Wrap that she was just showcasing “southern hospitality at its finest.”

Or, to put it another way, it was her southern hops-pitality shining through.

Update 5:48pm CT: In a tweet sent to the Daily Dot, Stegall said he’s hoping to link up with the kind woman who brought him the beer on Sunday. Being that he’s barely had a chance to sleep while covering the storm, he hasn’t had a chance to take a sip. But he’s still planning on drinking when the work is done.