They Found A Broken Panel On Their Home And Were Surprised To Find What Was Inside

While the housing market has improved since the crash in the late 2000s, it certainly is still bleak for homes that are haunted.

Before this guy put his house on the market, there were no signs of anything paranormal. But mere days after he sold it, something spooky started happening. This Redditor’s mother-in-law’s boyfriend began to hear rustling and voices coming from under his home.

When he went to investigate, what he found was beyond creepy…

He found that some of the panelling on the house had been removed, revealing a hole.

When they went down into the hole, they found a large cement pit. On the home’s support beams, countless women’s names were etched into them.

A few days later, the pit had been boarded up, cobwebs were disturbed, and there were drag-marks in the dirt. Creepily enough, they found new names etched on the support beams…

What’s more, there was a message written on the beams that read, “Big daddy is coming.” Another trip into the pit a few days later, they encountered three giant mounds of dirt. That’s when they decided their investigation was over!

While theories range from teenagers to homeless people, the Redditor says, “The reason why I don’t think it is teenagers is because they usually draw stupid [stuff] like penises and write graffiti everywhere. This is kind of weird because it’s all in the same bold handwriting and there are no beer bottles or cigarette butts lying around. As for the reason It might not be a homeless person is because I’m in Australia and there is government housing [for them].”

What would you do if you found something like this under your house? I know that I’d immediately call the cops. Then I’d probably never return to that house again.


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