She chugs beer like a champ, but what she does next? We’re in love…

There are women who are talented in athletics, in song, in dance, in the various arts and in the various realms of intellectual achievements.

And then there is this woman.

Not only does she hoick up the classic art of yodeling, she updates the art with a certain flavor of modern day dance, which we will refer to as boob twerking. As if this was not enough (and it was) she decides to grace the world with yet another talent to accompany the previous two. Its a talent many can relate to. A talent many have attempted and succeeded at. But it is a talent that I highly doubt anyone in the world has performed while yodeling and boob twerking. It is the talent of the beer chug, performed in a matter of 20 seconds with a whopping pint of real German beer. Simply amazing.


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