Here Are Some Of The Best Pre-Released Super Bowl 50 Commercials

I have a confession to make: I hate the Super Bowl.

Actually, thats kind of a lie — Ive just never watched the Super Bowl. I have literally zero interest in football, or sports of any kind for that matter.

I know such a bold proclamation isnt going to go over so well with some of you, butthere’s one thing we can agree on: theenjoyment of Super Bowl commercials.

Its funny because, normally, I bitch and moan through every single commercial on TV ever. But duringthe Super Bowl, Im all about catching those ad spots!

Anyway, I wont have to do much catching up on this year’s hottest Super Bowl ads after the fact because many companies have pre-released their Super Bowl 2016 spotsonline. (Isnt the Internet just the best?)

Check out this year’s hottest Super Bowl commercials, if you, like me, plan on skipping the football festivities altogether on Sunday. Or if you just want a sneak peek — whatever floats your boat.

Budweiser: Simply Put

A hilarious PSA on not drinking and driving, featuring Helen Mirren.

Hyundai: Ryanville

“Population: Yes.”

T-Mobile: Restricted Bling

Drake parodies Drake in this Hotline Bling revival. So good.

Acura: What He Said

Learnhow a car gets made and marvel at the feats of modern technology.

Avocados from Mexico: #AvosInSpace

This is literally a commercial about aliens and avocados. I dont know.

AXE: Find Your Magic

Magic would be never having to smell AXE cologne again (so many high school memories), but this commercial has kittens in it so Im good.

Colgate: Every Drop Counts

The token don’t be a greedy assh*le, America commercial.

Death Wish Coffee: Storms-a-Brewin

Um, the name, DEATH WISH COFFEE? Yes. Yes. Everything yes.

HEINZ: Weiner Stampede

Weiner dogs dressed as weiner dogs? This is advertising gold.

Hyundai: The Chase

Forests, cars and talking bears, oh my!

Kia Optima: Walken Closet

In case you didnt get it from the name, this spotfeatures Christopher Walken, so its automatically an A+.

LG: The Man From The Future

No, this is not an episode of “X-Files,” its a commercial… for TV… featuring Liam Neeson.

MINI USA: Defy Labels

Small cars are people too.

Pokmon: Train On

Yes, Pokmon is still a thing, and this is the company’sfirst-ever Super Bowl ad.

Quicken Loans: What Were We Thinking?

I ask myself this question, literally, every Saturday morning.

Shock Top: Unfiltered Talk

Learn some new insults, courtesy of a talking beer tap.

SoFi: Great Loans For Great People

Dont watch if youre not a great person.


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