How To Get Rid Of Alcohol And Cigarette Breath To Improve Business And Life

Cocktailparty 2017
Source: Flickr

There was a time 40 years ago and more when fashionable people were usually portrayed with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. In those days, people didn’t mind if you had tobacco or alcohol on your breath.

Then the health risks of drinking and smoking became better known. As individuals, communities, and government organizations moved to limit smoking and drinking, smoke and alcohol odors became less desirable and often abhorrent.

These days it’s not unusual to see an anti-smoking commercial make its point by showing how spouses and dates are repulsed by the smell of a cigarette. Additionally, continually tightening drunk driving laws and the work of activist groups have sometimes turned anyone with beer on their breath into a suspect.

The modern movement toward better health and safety is certainly good and warranted. But what about the millions of North Americans who like to smoke or enjoy a drink once in a while? As independent adults, they don’t endanger others or live irresponsibly.

So why should these “regular” Americans and Canadians have to worry about the smell of smoke or alcohol on their breath? The solution can be challenging.

Fortunately, new advancements in the laboratory have created a highly effective breath freshener that effectively eliminates the smell of tobacco and smoke on your breath. More on that in a moment.

In the past you could pop a few breath mints that did little more than try to cover up the alcohol or smoke on your breath. Anyone who came in contact with you immediately knew you had been smoking or drinking and had tried to mask it with mints. That in itself could lead to embarrassment.

The resulting problems ranged from a spouse who didn’t want to share a kiss at the end of the evening to a boss who mistakenly thought you drank one too many over lunch. Even though you had acted responsibly and legally, you could be punished just because of the smell of your breath.

The new breath freshener uses a specially developed combination of natural ingredients, the active of which is chlorophyll. This plant-derived chemical effectively removes odors. Mind you, it doesn’t attempt to cover up the smell like a mint does — this new freshener ELIMINATES the odor at its source.

Moreover, this new breed of breath lozenges lets you eat an onion-filled hamburger, chow down on Mexican food, or enjoy spicy foods for lunch — all while quickly eliminating any odor on your breath before returning to work.

So don’t feel like you have to limit your enjoyable activities simply because what others may smell on your breath. Give yourself the big break you deserve and make use of this new development in breath freshening lozenges.


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