Spain’s Coastal City Of Alicante Could Be The Vacation For You

Another Pint Please!
Source: Flickr

The coastline of Spain offers numerous cities for tourists to enjoy, including Denia, Alicante and Benidorm. Denia is one of the most visited cities in Spain with its castle as a central tourist attraction and with much history behind it. The city of Denia is located next to the Montgo Mountains. The castle was once an Arab garrison situated on the Mediterranean Sea. The Arabs remained in this area the longest, though the Greeks are known to be the first to settle in Denia, particularly because of the climate. The Romans first named the city Dianium after a temple which had been dedicated to Diana. Though the Greeks had remained in the area for a time, the Arabs greatly populated the area and named it the capital of the Caliph of Cordoba. The city suffered economically and in population after the exit of the Moors, but its production of raisins and exportation to England improved the improved the economic situation. Though the exportation of raisins has decreased significantly since that time, tourism has helped it maintain its economic stability.

Denia is much more of a modern city now serving many tourists who seek to stay in nice hotels. Denia has tried to preserve the communities, such as Baix la Mar near the sea, Les Roques at the bottom of the castle and Cross Square, also known as Plaza de la Creu offering a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. In Cross Square, you can enjoy a meal while also enjoying the view of this sea. Tapas are popular in Spain, particularly along the Cervantes Promenade with a good selection of restaurants offering tapas, which are small portions of delicious food, as well as Spanish beer or wines. However, there are many other nearby cities offering popular dishes and beautiful scenery.

Such a great coastal city is not complete without beaches and coves which Denia indeed offers. Individuals desiring to scuba dive or fish should head to the coastal area called Les Rotes. You can also find beaches in the northern towns of Els Palmars or las Marinas which are great for families since the water is not very deep. Finally, in addition to Denia’s popular castle, its history, beaches and great food, it also has a feast and parade honoring its saint Santisima Sangre. Denia is definitely a city to be considered when looking for a great vacation full of fun, history and beautiful scenery.


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