10 Ways To Make The Most Your Time At Bangkok’s New Airport. “Suvarnabhumi”

10 Ways To Make The Most Your Time At Bangkok’s New Airport. “Suvarnabhumi”

Anse à Beaufils
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1. Make some new friends. People from all over the world are commuting though the same point as you; why not strike up a conversation?

2. If it’s your first time at the new airport, whip out your digital camera and take a video clip. This is the world biggest airport, and as we all know it’s taken the longest to build, so take advantage.

3. Using the moving sidewalk like a treadmill. Why bother paying for a pricey fitness center?

4. Don’t forget to call your honey before taking off.

5. If you have some time to kill, pickup a box of playing cards. Since gambling is illegal, we advise playing without money up front.

6. Network-ether on the airport bartender. A beer is B50 but the entertainments are free.

7. Plan your future. There’s no time like present.

8. First with the beautiful-and helpful-Suvarnabhumi “ambassadors.”

9. If you are a film buff, don’t miss out on the airport’s cinema.

10. Pray for good luck in the air and on the ground.- Peemsinee Khaothong.

HOW TO: have a successful day of shopping in bangkok.

1. Make a list with to categories: “Thing you need” and “Thing you want.” Research the approximate price of the desired items to make sure you are getting a good deal, and also locate the stores where these items are being sold.

2. Where comfortable shoes and sensible and versatile clothing to ensure a pleasant experience. Ladies, this is not the time to wear those cute new six-inch stiletto heels

3. Bring a sensible friend who will reign you in and prevent any madcap, unnecessary or useless purchases.

4. Make a list of place to visit plot out your plan of action. Colors code the items (Things you need and don’t need and coordinate the day to accommodate these things. Figure out the most efficient course and stick to it.

5. Bring a large tote with you to put all your purchases in. This way you will not accidentally leave a small bag some where.

6. Set a budget for your-self. Set a limit on your credit card or only bring a certain amount of cash to prevent unnecessary splurging.

7. Reward yourself with a nice long drink at the end. You’ve had a long and busy day and you deserve it.

source http://allofbeer.com/2017/03/30/10-ways-to-make-the-most-your-time-at-bangkoks-new-airport-suvarnabhumi/
Source: http://allofbeer.blogspot.com/2017/03/10-ways-to-make-most-your-time-at.html

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