The Best Advice On the Taller Bar Stools

Noble 6th Anniversary (full size)
Source: Flickr

For most of the bar counters and kitchen counters, they stand about 40 inches tall, this has been the norm for many years.
However, this has recently changed though with bar counters and kitchen tops being raised 6 inches.

This is like a spanner in the works for bar owners and home buyers who need to find taller bar stools to suit their counters. Enter the 34 inch bar stool! This bar stool is the solution to the problem of the higher counter.

If you want you can still use the standard 30 inch bar stool for the higher counters but this would create a sizable distance differential from where you are sitting to where you are eating or drinking and then you would spend more time straining to have your dinner or beer comfortably rather than just relaxing.

Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant and the stools or chairs were not the right size for you were sitting? This happens a quite frequently in establishments that have multiple seating areas such as booth areas as well as a seating area. The problems you face here is that after a time the seats or lounge chairs begin to sink, you then suddenly feel like the tabletop is right in your face.

Sitting on a 34inch bar stool at a 45 inch counter or table is the perfect combination the stools are just at the right distance from the bar top to maintain optimum comfort. Another good use for 34 inch bar stools is for people who are really tall and find it uncomfortable sitting on regular bar stools having to keep their legs bent while resting them on the bottom rung.

Standard bar stools have seats that are 30 inches from the ground. This is a good sitting position for patrons of regular height but not as good for those of the taller persuasion who require more height in their furniture.


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